Scarlett Johansson claims that getting rid of her magnifying mirror has changed her life


She’s one of the highest-ranking box-office stars of all time. Although her face has been seen on screens all over the globe, Scarlett Johansson still struggles to see herself in the mirror. Here’s how the AvengersStar lost control and gave up her magnifying lens.

Scarjo Has a Hard Time Accepting Her Appearance

Scarlett Johansson seemingly does it all—action, adventure, drama, and even live theater. Like many celebrities, she’s also launching a skincare line. The mother-of-two recently spoke out about her views on beauty and promoted her new skincare line, The Outset. Johansson shared her past struggles with her appearance, and even admitted to picking at her imperfections in an incredibly relatable revelation. 

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“I wish I didn’t pick my skin so much when I was younger, I could’ve avoided so much scarring and drama,” She spoke out in an interview with The Cut. “It’s really hard for me to get over that compulsive need to touch my face a lot or pick my skin.”

Eventually, Johansson’s sister stepped in with advice that changed how the star sees herself. “Finally, my sister told me to throw away the magnifying mirror. She said, ‘Nobody is looking at your pores that closely, and it’s a liability.’ It was the simplest advice but really true for me especially because I can get compulsive about my skin.”

Johansson says beauty comes with age

Johansson’s struggle with her insecurities is something everyone experiences growing up. As she approaches 40, the actress says she’s learned to give herself more grace. “As I’ve gotten older, I try to be more forgiving of the way that I look at myself,”She spoke. 

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“It’s hard. We’re all so critical of ourselves, and it seems even more so now because everybody’s always constantly looking at photographs of themselves, which is a phenomenon that’s maybe ten years old. Now you can take a picture of yourself and zoom in and dissect it. It’s hard to not be hypercritical of ourselves and others.”

Resisting the urge to critique your appearance isn’t easy for anyone. Johansson advises that it’s important to let go insecure feelings. “Beauty is this elusive quality that comes from being comfortable in your own skin.”

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