Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost Alludely Avoiding Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Ignoring Their Calls. Unverified Report Says


Are you Colin JostAnd Scarlett Johansson Will they not answer the phone? According to one report, they are doing everything possible to avoid going out for dinner. Pete DavidsonAnd Kim Kardashian. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Unimpressed With Kim’

Per OK!, Kardashian has welcomed Davidson into her clique with open arms, but his friends aren’t willing to do the same. Insiders claim that Davidson’s friends are not ready to accept him. SNL chums don’t think Kardashian is a good match for Davidson. “Most of them are actually worried for Pete… I mean, every guy that’s ever dated the women in her family has landed in the dumpster.”

An insider claims that friends are only concerned about the future of Davidson’s relationship, and Johansson, Jost, and Jost don’t want to be associated with them. “There’s been talk about a double date, but that’s not happening,”The source explained. Fortunately, Davidson is supported by some of his friends. According to a source, John Mulaney is and Olivia Munn is “very much rooting for team Pete and Kim, but you can’t say that for the rest of the pack just yet.”

The Dumpster?

It’s a bit unfair to treat the Kardashians as dangerous vixens who leave men “in the dumpster.”Damon Thomas, her first husband was a millionaire but he is still focused on his career in music production. Kris Humphries was a respected journeyman.He is currently a real-estate agent and a member of the NBA. 

Devin Booker & Travis Barker have been doing amazing amidst their relationships with Kendall Jenner & Kourtney Kardashian, respectively. Dating a Kardashian promises irrepressible media scrutiny, but it’s hardly a harbinger of doom.

Pete Davidson Rumors abound

This story is very similar in content to another problematic story from The Globe. It was claimed that Davidson was turning into a diva by spending time with his girlfriend. Dating an uber-famous celebrity like Kim Kardashian is nothing new for Davidson, and there’s no sign his behavior on SNLBecause of her, the world is changing.

Lest we forget Jost and Davidson purchased a Staten Island Ferry together, so they’re obviously close friends. Jost and Johansson live a very private life and Kardashian lives half a country away in California, so you shouldn’t expect these four to pal around. That does not mean there’s any bad blood.

Other Hit Pieces

This tabloid was the one that reported Jost and Johansson had called off their wedding. They didn’t. It claimed that Davidson was being pushed aside. SNLCastmates. Lorne Michaels wouldn’t have Davidson around if he was a real burden on the set. He seems to be loved by everyone, except Kanye West.

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