School bus drivers track down a toddler taken in carjacking


Two school bus drivers helped track down a missing toddler who was inside his mom’s vehicle while it was carjacked. 

Dave Skinner was driving along his regular route through Grand Rapids, Michigan when his parents flagged him down. He was told by his parents that their car and their 2-year-old son had been stolen.

Skinner immediately called 911 to alert all school bus drivers via his radio dispatch system that he was on the lookout.

Another bus driver saw the child alone in the driveway, and she realized that she had just passed him. She quickly turned around to help the boy, and she sat him down on the front bench, wrapped in his blanket.

“I have the baby,”She said it on the radio. 

The word quickly spread and the bus driver drove off in order to reunite the boy with his parents. He was returned to his parents’ loving embrace in the tearful handoff. 

The carjacker was not found but the vehicle that was stolen was. 

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