Schoolgirl killed while crossing road after getting McDonald’s with pals


Mya Lawrence, 13 years old, died while crossing the A256 Whitfield Hill in Kent. The inquest revealed that she had suffered a head injury and was pronounced dead at the scene

An inquest found that a teenage girl was murdered after eating McDonald’s with her friends.

Mya Lawrence, 13 years old, died while crossing the A256 Whitfield Hill in Kent.

After going to a fast-food restaurant with her friends, she was walking home when she was struck by a car.

As she was returning from McDonald’s, she was accompanied by some friends and was about to turn into a circle by a car.

Katrina Hepburn, Coroner, confirmed that the teen died from a crash in a car accident at yesterday’s County Hall in Maidstone.

Mya and her friends left McDonald’s to cross the road with a group of their friends to get back to their housing estate at 7.40pm.

Two of Mya’s friends remembered challenges along the lines: “first one back to the estate”However, it isn’t known if Mya heard the message.

Inquest by Claire Fullagar, Detective Constable, Kent Police “At least two comments were heard by two witnesses of a challenge to try and get across the road quicker, but there is no evidence Mya heard that challenge.”

Mya was halfway across the road when Daniel Browning drove her to the second lane and hit her with a Vauxhall Astra blue.

Witness, a delivery driver who arrived on the scene less then a minute later than the ambulance, attempted CPR while two off-duty nurses tried first aid.

Mya was declared dead at 8.53pm.

Dawn Hopkins, Dawn Hopkins’ mother, was at her side and held her hand until the end of the resuscitation.

Officers administered tests to Browning on the scene for alcohol and drugs, but they did not find any.

He passed a preliminary impairment testing and was not using his cell phone at the crash site.

The car also had no defects that could have contributed in any way to the crash.

He was also driving under the speed limit of 50 mph at the time of collision.

Mya’s dark attire suggests that Browning may not have seen her and could not perform an emergency stop quickly enough to avoid hitting her.

Browning was not charged with any criminal offenses.

Det Con Fullagar’s investigations concluded: “There was no evidence Mr Browning contributed to the cause of the collision so the cause must lie with the actions of Mya.”

Mya died from a head injury sustained in a road traffic accident.

Ms. Hepburn said: “I want to pay my sincere condolences to the family for these events which led to the tragic loss of Mya.”

Ms Hopkins spoke outside the courtroom following the verdict and paid tribute to her daughter. She also called for more safety improvements for pedestrians.

She stated: “Mya was bright, very sassy, she was always wearing sunglasses on her head. She was very friendly to everyone. She wanted to be a carer or support worker and was already helping other pupils at school with their reading and writing.

“We are deeply saddened by her passing. Her little sister, who was six days old, died five days before the crash. October is always a difficult month.

“We’re just trying to get through it for our little one and trying to get back to normal.”