‘Scrubs’ Star Judy Reyes Lands Her Next Big Role


Scrubs’Judy Reyes has been signed up to star in HBO Max’s John Green’s best-selling novel has been adapted Turtles all the way down. Turtles all the way down explores anxiety through the character of Aza Holmes (Isabella Merced), Deadline initially reported. Reyes will portray Aza’s widowed mom, Gina, who teaches mathematics at White River High School. They share a close bond. Gina encourages Aza, even though she wants her to see therapy and to take her medication. However, she doesn’t fully understand Aza’s anxiety. Although she is concerned for Aza’s well-being, she suggests that her daughter should not dwell on the spiraling thoughts. 

Reyes has appeared on numerous TV shows including Scrubs, She was the first woman to be cast as Carla. The show’s success did not deter Reyes from announcing in 2008 that she, creator Bill Lawrence, and show stars Zach Braff would leave after the eighth season. She also shared her thoughts during that period. The Globe (via Digital Spy) that her colleagues’ salaries “exceed[ed] the budget… so do their ambitions. Mine do too.”

After leaving Scrubs in 2009, Judy Reyes appeared in guest roles on various TV shows. In 2013, she was given a prominent role on ABC’s comedy-drama series. Devious MaidsThe series follows a group Latina housekeepers who work for Beverly Hills’ rich residents. Other sitcoms offered her roles, including Jane the VirginFresh off the Boat?, and The Good Wife.

Interview with ShondalandReyes expressed her appreciation for these roles, but she would like to play a different role. “Achieving success playing the sassy nurse on ‘Scrubs’ was the most amazing thing in terms of generating the career that I have. I get to be the sassy this and the sassy that. It makes money for people. It makes money for me. But I still want to be able to play something else,”She said. “As a working Latina actor, I want the challenge and freedom to play different roles.”

Since you left ScrubsJudy Reyes continues to play minor roles but has also become a mother. In Valencia’s 2008 film, George Valencia was her director and writer. Glow Ropes – The Rise and Fall a Bar Mitzvah MC, and the two soon began dating. Leila Rey was born to the couple in 2009. 

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