Sean Connery Disarmed a Gangster While On Set For A Movie


Sean ConneryA lasting impression was left as James Bond. He’s still the gold standard to which all other Bonds are compared, and he had some on-set experience which made him a natural choice. There’s a legendary story of the Dr. NoStar disarms a gangster during filming for another movie.

Bad Graces Of A Gangster

It’s easy to think of Connery’s career as having begun in 1962, but that’s simply not true. The Scotsman had years of film and stage experience. He had a few minor roles as boxers and gangsters before landing a major role in 1958’s Another Time, A Different Place

Connery starred opposite Lana Turner in the Paramount melodrama. Turner was once one of MGM’s highest-earning stars and had just received an Academy Award nomination for Peyton Place. Turner was already dating Johnny Stompanato by 1957. Connery was not his favorite.

A Threatening Visit

Stompanato visited the Set of Innocenti in September 1957. Another Time, A Different PlaceHe was in England when he heard about Connery canoodling and Turner. Connery was threatened by him and he stormed the scene waving a gun. Connery did not seem intimidated as he is a fighter and holds a black belt at Kyokushin karate.

According to the legend, Connery grabbed Stompanato’s wrist and pulled the gun from his hand. He was knocked unconscious. Stompanato was seized by cops and sent back to the United States. Stomapanto would soon be stabbed to death by Turner’s teenage daughter, Cheryl Crane, in what police considered a justifiable homicide. Stomapnato associates claimed Connery was to blame for his death, so he had time to lie low.

Lives as a Story

Kendrick Lamar would reference the Bond-esque encounter in his paradigm shift verse later. “Control.” Lamar raps “B*tch I’ve been jumped before you put a gun on me? B*tch I put one on yours, I’m Sean Connery.”These verses show how the story has become a part of popular culture.

The story became part of Connery’s persona, but it didn’t help him nab the role of Bond. The role was not available to him because Cary Grant was too pricey. Connery took the perfect walk. After Connery’s audition, Dana Brocolli told her husband Cubby, “He moves like a panther.”According to rumors, this is what made the producers’ minds change as well as the author. James Bond Ian Fleming, book series. Whether they were aware of it or not, Connery’s experience disarming a real-life gangster meant he was perfect for the role of a charming but deadly man.

Connery, who died from dementia in October 2020, was immortalized by his iconic role. He lives on in the hearts and minds of millions.

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