Sean Hannity Allegedly Scared Of Fox News’ ‘Rising Star’ Taking His Job, Network Gossip Says


Is Sean Hannity worried that his job is at stake? One tabloid claims that a newcomer at Fox News is out to get Hannity. Here’s what we know about the latest Fox News rivalry.

Sean Hannity ‘Feels The Heat’?

This week, the National Enquirer reports a fresh face at Fox News is spelling trouble for Sean Hannity. While Hannity used to be the top dog at the network, he’s seen his popularity dip ever so slightly after Tucker Carlson climbed his way to the top. And now that Fox News has added an “it boy” to the roster, Hannity has new reasons to worry.

Jesse Watters surprised everyone when his primetime debut drew in more viewers than the network had seen in over a year. “Jesse is 43, handsome, and the new heartthrob around the office with his tight pants and cool white sneakers,” an insider dishes. “Sean is 60 and totally respected — but it feels like Jesse is the future of the network, while Sean is the past!” While Hannity is trying to play it cool, he’s secretly paranoid that Watters is pushing him out.

“How can Sean compete with a super-cute guy who is as comfortable attending the ballet at Lincoln Center as sitting behind the news desk?” the tipster posits. “Jesse is a modern man who can eat at Nobu or hang around in just a robe with a puppy on his lap. Even liberals have to admit he’s adorable!” And Watters isn’t oblivious to his star power. “He’s getting more viewers than Hannity,” the snitch spills. “Hell, he’s getting more viewers than The Bachelor.”

Should Sean Hannity Be Worried?

Here’s the thing: Jesse Watters’ debut certainly surprised everyone. His ratings have been beyond solid, even rivaling those of Tucker Carlson. From the looks of it, Watters is on track to be a new Fox News favorite. That being said, we don’t think Sean Hannity has much reason to worry.

While Watters may have overshadowed Hannity’s ratings, that isn’t to say that Hannity doesn’t have a large viewership. Out of the top cable news networks, Hannity’s show consistently brings in the most viewers for his time slot. Not to mention, he had the second-most-watched single-anchor news program in 2021, right behind Tucker Carlson. And even if Watters ends up knocking Hannity down to third place, that still isn’t a bad place to be.

More Fox News Gossip From The Tabloid

It’s hard to trust anything the National Enquirer says about Fox News. Back in November, the outlet claimed Tucker Carlson was tearing the network apart. Then the publication reported Carlson was pushing many popular pundits off of the network. The outlet even alleged Carlson was out to get Sean Hannity. Shortly after, we busted the Globe for claiming nearly the same thing. Clearly, we should take rumors of network infighting with a healthy dose of skepticism.

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