Sean Hannity, Geraldo Rivera Fight Over Trucker Protest: ‘Shame On You’


Sean Hannity and Geraldo Rivera got into a heated argument during Tuesday’s episode of Hannity, with the host of the popular Fox News opinion show telling Rivera he owed the Canadian trucker protest movement an apology. Rivera had a quick retort, however, and implied that Hannity was complicit as a vocal and high-profile supporter of the movement. This is just the latest time the two Fox News hosts have had a public disagreement on the show in recent weeks. 

Fox News Host Clash Again

The Five co-host Geraldo Rivera was a guest on Hannity again this week and he and host Sean Hannity got into a heated argument about the recent developments regarding the Canadian trucker protest. The movement started in protest of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other restrictions meant to slow the spread of the virus. 

One protest, in particular, shut down the Ambassador Bridge for several days, halting traffic between the U.S. and Canada and reportedly costing hundreds of millions of dollars for industries on both sides of the border. The auto industry was hit particularly hard by delays. 

Sean Hannity: Geraldo Rivera, ‘Shame On You’

Hannity began the discussion by playing a video of Rivera blasting the truckers involved in the protest. He then said, “Geraldo, you’re a friend. I hate to say it, shame on you.”A little later, Hannity added, “You’re calling these guys who don’t agree with you, that are protesting peacefully, thugs, you’re calling them selfish, you’re calling them self-absorbed. And with all due respect to our friendship, you owe these guys an apology.”  

“In a free society, if we don’t allow for protest, peaceful protest like this,” Hannity continued, “then you don’t have freedom, Geraldo.” Rivera retorted, “What about the freedom of the homeowners,” taking the side of those not involved in the protests but directly affected by them. “What about the freedom of the business owners? What about the freedom of the people who want to just visit their capital city? What about the auto workers? What about the auto workers who couldn’t work because they had no parts because of the blockade?”

Rivera Stands His Ground

Hannity quickly countered that the protests had been peaceful, but Rivera pointed out that police officers had unearthed a cache of weapons at a protest in Alberta, Canada. “What about the group in western Canada with the heavy weapons and the extended magazines and the body armor?” Rivera questioned. Hannity, groaning, replied, “Oh my God, Geraldo, this has been like a block party.” 

At one point, Rivera even implied that Hannity had encouraged the protest by repeatedly stating his support on the show. “What’s the impact of the allies in the media of prolonging this agony?” Rivera asked. “What is the impact of all your friendly, loving comments to these groups? How much longer are they gonna stay there? How much longer will they cripple the capital city of Canada?”

Canadian police have arrested protestors shutting down traffic on the Ambassador Bridge and have begun clearing the area so that the key border crossing can get back to normal. The movement sparked similar protests across the world, with some taking to the streets in Australia, France, and New Zealand in support.

This is far from the first time the two conservative news host have publicly disagreed with each other. Just last week, Rivera and Hannity clashed over a proposed new drug program from President Joe Biden’s administration that would provide drug addicts with clean drug paraphernalia. Last summer, Rivera called Hannity out for his coverage of the January 6 riots, claiming the latter was “gaslighting” his audience. Despite these disagreements, the two men have continued to discuss the tough issues at hand and seemingly continue their friendship.

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