Sean Penn Struggles To Accept Divorce.


Was Sean Penn “punched in the gut”His wife Leila GeorgeHit him with divorce papers. According to one tabloid, Penn isn’t handling the divorce well and blames himself for the separation. Gossip Cop investigates the story to see what’s really going on. 

Is Sean Penn Refusing To Accept Divorce From Leila George? 

According to the National Enquirer, Sean Penn can’t believe Leila George wants a divorce after only a year of marriage. Sources claim Penn “is blaming himself for his marriage failing, and he’s pretty down about it.”

According to one insider, Penn would not agree. “to believe it’s over” because he’s apparently “still wearing his wedding ring.” However, insiders close to the actor note there’s a “fat chance”George will never get back together.

Regarding what caused the divorce, insiders allege Penn’s busy work schedule drove George to the edge. “Truth is, he took on all these projects and movies and didn’t have much time for Leila.”George is finally done with all his time apart. “got fed up”Penn.

According to another source, George wanted to start his own family. Penn was against it. This is what caused the divorce. “It was important to Leila to start a family with Sean, but he was done with all that,”The insiders’ remarks 

Is Sean Penn Okay? 

It was so that National EnquirerCorrect in stating that Sean Penn is struggling to accept his divorce. While it’s impossible to know Penn’s true feelings at the moment, Gossip Cop isn’t going to take the word of an unreliable tabloid. However, Penn Recently, he was spotted in Los Angeles with friends Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin, so we assume he’s doing fine. Penn’s wedding ring seemed to absent as well.

The tabloid reports that George wanted Penn to divorce him for a few reasons, but they are all speculation. Even the outlet reporting the news was shocked. TMZdidn’t list a reason for the divorce. Instead of believing Penn is to blame, Gossip Cop will wait until the court documents reveal what’s really going on between Penn and George. 

This tabloid has a shaky coverage of divorce rumors

Another reasonGossip CopIs having trouble believing in the National Enquirer‘s latest take on Penn and George is its history reporting on divorces. For example, over the summer, the magazine claimed Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy were still “fighting over stuff” months after the divorce was finalized. However, Gossip Cop noted that because the divorce was finalized, no extra negotiations could be made. Olsen’A lawyer even said, “Everything is resolved,”The outlet denied the truth in January.

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