Seann Walsh claims that people overreacted to his Strictly Kiss with Katya Jones, a pro dancer.


Seann Walsh laughed about his snogs with Katya Jones, a dance professional, while they were paired on Strictly Come Dancing.

Twitter was used by the 36-year old comedian to share a trailer for his new comedy series, which will be released at end of month. It’s called “Kiss”.

The comedian tweeted the video, adding the caption: “Remember when I went on that dance show? Seann Walsh • Kiss • March 27th • YouTube.”

After being snapped with Katya Jones, 32, a pro-dancer, his career was in jeopardy.

Seann and Katya were seen kissing outside a London pub in October of that year.

Sean Walsh
Seann Walsh claims that everyone overreacted to Katya Jones’ kiss

Sean, in the trailer for Comedy Show, reveals that he has received a lot of hateful tweets and reviews since his famous moment with professional dancer while they were both in long-term relationships.

One of the quotes read: “I’d like to live the rest of my life without another thought to him and his wandering wand.”

He also revealed a variety of tweets with just one reading. “Seann Walsh could quite possibly be the most unfunny t**t that ever lived.”

Sean Walsh
Seann and Katya were in a relationship at the time

Another option: “Anyone who feels the need to stick an extra letter at the end of their name is usually a plank.”

Seann then takes center stage. He says: “Three years since Strictly Come Dancing. I think I can say it now. I think you overreacted.”

In 2018, the moment caused media panic as Katya was already married to Neil Jones, and Seann was in a long-term marriage with Rebecca Humphries.

The Strictly curse hit in a dramatic fashion and the comedian quickly lost popularity with viewers.

Sean Walsh
The trailer for his new show, “Kiss”, has been posted by the comedian.

After the kiss, Strictly bosses intervened and changed their next dance routine to something less sexual to diffuse the situation.

In 2020, Katya claimed that she broke off contact with Seann.

She said at the time: “Whatever happened, happened. I don’t have to justify myself. It’s my life, my business.

“It helped me realize who I was and what I was made of.”

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