Season 4 of The Boys: What We Know So Far


Fans: You might want to binge-watch 1980s sitcoms My two DadsBeforeThe BoysReturns for its fourth season. Warning: There are spoilers ahead

Season three of Amazon Prime Video’s season 3 finale launched the next phase in the ongoing war between Billy Butcher and Amazon Prime Video (Karl Urban) and Homelander (Antony StarrRyan (Thanks!Cameron CrovettiBecca, Homelander’s son and Butcher’s husband of 62 years (Shantel VanSanten). Ryan chose to fly with Homelander to end the July 8 episode, despite Butcher trying to protect Ryan from his biological dad throughout the season. Gulp. 

Homelander was so concerned, he went to a rally where he presented his son to everyone. One of Homelander’s critics tried to throw something at Ryan. But the supe was impulsive and killed Ryan with his laser eyes… much to the delight of the crowd. 

The final scene was a slow smile creeping across Ryan’s face as he watched the adoring audience cheer on his father, a moment that give our goosebumps chills. What was the meaning of the young supes?