Secret Love Tunnel runs ‘from the royal palace to the brothel’


Rumours suggest that there is a secret “love tunnel” deep underground in one of the UK’s most exclusive neighbourhoods. This tunnel was used by royalty to get into a high-end brothel.

The route, which is allegedly secret, runs from St James’s Street in London Paddington to Pall Mall and under Hyde Park before it reaches Kensington Palace.

Rumours abound that King Charles II was a notorious manizer in his day and used the tunnel to reach his favourite brothel without being seen.

During the 1600s, he was known to have had several mistresses such as Nell Gwynne (Duchess of Portsmouth).

It is thought that the tunnel leads to a historic building on St James’s Street across from Kensington Palace. Today it is home to Berry Bros & Rudd, a fancy wine shop, reports MyLondon.

Charles II was born in St James’s Palace in 1630
Charles II was born in St James’s Palace in 1630

The basement of the building is very deep. A wall archway that leads to the royal residence has been bricked.

This is the location where it is believed the tunnel ran under Pall Mall to reach the palace. The building was once the most popular brothel for the King, his family and friends.

Another thought was shared by MyLondon Jack Brooksbank (husband of Princess Eugenie) has created a tunnel leading to the Dukes Bar just around the corner in Mayfair.

The building rumoured to have housed the brothel is today home to a fancy wine shop
Today, the fancy wine shop is located in the building that was rumored to housed the brothel.

In a conversation with the Daily Mail’s Richard Eden, Jack, who lived with the princess at nearby St James’s Palace before their marriage, let slip that there was a tunnel from there to the swanky hotel bar on Little St James’s Street.

“I haven’t used it yet, but I’d love to check it out,”James is a former bar manager who ran Mayfair’s Mahiki club.

In the 1600s, the building which the Dukes Bar now calls home was the London residence of Barbara Villiers, the Duchess of Cleveland, Charles II’s favourite mistress who gave birth to five of his children.

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