Secretly married during the Pandemic as Netflix Actress


Freida Pinto has a husband! The actress, who starred in Netflix’s 2021 psychological thriller has been married! IntrusionThe 2020 romcom Love Weddings AgainIn October,, she shared the amazing news that she and her husband Cory Tran had secretly tied the knot during lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Pinto announced the news during a Wednesday, October 20 appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Pinto made the revelation Opened up about the couple “beautiful proposal,”This she shared on social media November 2019,Kelly Clarkson was asked by Kelly to find out how the wedding planning process was going. Pinto was thrilled to share her excitement. “we’re already married,”Titling that “it’s a very romantic story if you must know.”Pinto claims that she and Tran were married at Anaheim’s Honda Center.

“When we got engaged we thought we’d have this most magical wedding… But then COVID happened and it’s still happening and we just realized we were going to be planning this for the rest of our lives and probably never doing it,” Pinto shared. “So we decided one day to go to the Honda Center in Anaheim [California] and just get married. Honestly, I have to say if any of you have planned a wedding, you probably know this, I do not want stomach ulcers from planning my own wedding. This was perfect! We got married and then we got to go home and take an afternoon nap.”

Pinto shared the exciting news via Instagram. There she showed her followers a glimpse of her big day. “yes, yes, it’s true. One year ago I married this gorgeous man of my dreams.”Pinto claimed that Pinto and her husband were a couple. “were not keeping it a secret,”But they were more “simply just enjoying life and happily shared the news with anyone who asked.”She said that Tran and her were also together. “believe so much in balancing spontaneity with just the right amount of planning. One day it felt so right and so genuinely aligned that we decided we wanted to make it official.”

Pinto and Tran met for the first time through Aaron Paul, Pinto’s The Path star. They began dating shortly thereafter. The actress revealed that Pinto had proposed to her in November 2019. In June, the couple announced that they were getting married. They are expecting their first baby together.