See Childhood Photo: Young Christian Slater was The Cutest Kid.


Christian Slater has remained one of Hollywood’s hottest actors over an incredibly long career, and he’s nowhere near done yet. The 52-year-old father of three made his big film debut way back in 1985, though he’d been acting professionally since he was a child. He may have had those roles because of his family connections, but his own talent emerged as he grew older and became a star in Hollywood. 

Christian Slater – Hollywood Heartthrob

HeathersChristian Slater, actor, has been a Hollywood star since the mid-1980s ‘80s when he first began appearing in a number of theatrical releases. His film debut came in 1985’s The Legend of Billie Jean, where he played Billie Jean’s brother Binx. Slater was a young man at that time, about 16 years old, but he’d already become quite the experienced actor.

Slater’s first professional acting gig came when he was only 8 years old on the soap opera One Life To LiveJimmy Fallon humorously reminded him of the fact that he had a similar role in the TV series. Although it was a guest appearance, Slater continued to appear in TV series and movies until he made his movie debut just a few years later. Slater was 19 when he starred in “Fox and Friends” in 1989. HeathersAs a high school student in sociopathic high schools with Winona Ryder, Shannen Doherty. 

Ryan Haddon, Ex-Wife of Slater

While 1989 certainly held highs for Slater’s career, it was also the beginning of his long and unfortunately public struggle with addiction. He was also arrested that year for drunk driving and sentenced to ten consecutive days in jail. He was also arrested in 1997 for assaulting a police officer and punching Michelle Jonas, his ex-girlfriend, while under the influence cocaine, alcohol and heroin. Slater later said, after a lengthy recovery, “Work is my hobby – staying sober is my job.”

One Day before serving out your sentence in jail

Although it was difficult for Slater, it was necessary for his personal growth. This photo was taken the day after Slater appeared at the premiere of Rain and hard rainSlater reported to jail in order to begin his 90-day sentence of drug and assault convictions. Slater was released from jail and ordered to undergo two-months of rehabilitation. Slater At that time, it was, “Work is my hobby – staying sober is my job,” though he’d amend these words in a later interview after becoming a father.

Fatherhood marked a huge shift in Slater’s life, which he reflected on in his unabashedly self-aware way. He noted in An interview from 2009 that he’d been sober for four years, and made a slight adjustment to his previous statement on his life’s priorities. “Work is my job, and having adventures with my kids. My kids are all-important.”

Pre-‘Heathers’ Slater

In the interview, he also said that drugs and drinking can lead to addiction. “the illusion of being very cool, that drinking is the hip thing to do and that you’ll seem like Clark Gable. You go to a party and have a drink and feel like a superhero when the truth is you’re looking rather foolish. Showing up for life 24/7 straight and sober can be tough if you’re riddled with insecurities. Actually, the fastest way of knowing who you are is to know who you’re not.”

Just a Kid in A Fringe Vest

Slater is pictured here with his parents Mary Jo Slater (an actor) and Michael Hawkins (a child). He’s just a toddler in this photo, but it’s clear to see why his face would inspire love from teenage fans and beyond in just a few short years.

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