See What Laguna Beach’s Cast is Up To Now


A team of MTV producers appeared at a Southern California highschool in 2004 to look for charismatic teenagers to star on their latest brainchild. This was a docu-soap, real-life version of Fox’s smash-hit drama. The O.C.

“We’re sitting there in class, and over the daily announcements they announce, ‘Okay everyone, MTV’s here. They’re going to cast a reality show on Laguna Beach. If you’re interested, sign up in the quad at break,'” Christina Sinclair (née Schuller) This information was recalled to Time2014. “And I think for any 18 year old, that’s a dream come true. It’s like Grease—when they say they’re going to film their prom and it’s going to be on national television. Oh my gosh, I have to do it!”

Pre-Kardashians, pre-Real Housewifes world, what the network was after was fairly groundbreaking—a glossy-looking, new form of reality TV that simply followed a group of intriguing subjects around waiting for them to make good television.