Selena Gomez Teases Music with Recording Studio Video


The heart will want what it desires. Selena Gomez It is well-known that music is what fans long for: new music.

There is new music on the horizon. Selena posted a TikTok on July 5 of her own. Sitting in front of a microphoneA recording studio. While the “Same Old Love”The singer didn’t speak in TikTok but it was enough for fans to celebrate in the comments section.

One user wrote “SHE’S IN STUDIO?!! SCREAMING RN.”Another user added his voice, “New music?!?! Yassss please.”

Selena has not given away too much information about when she will release new songs but she hasn’t been completely tight-lipped.

A few days before, TikTok’s beauty influencer was on July 1. Mikayla Nogueira Part of a TikTok that featured an interview with SelenaHer Rare Beauty line. Mikayla asked Selena if she could predict anything else for the 2013 makeup collection. “Well, maybe and maybe…some music.”

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