September 25-October 1, Horoscope


This week, the game’s name is Rest. Due to the fact that many of the planets in retrograde coincide with a dark Moon this is not a good time for big changes, decisions or fights. This week is more stressful for everyone. This cosmic shift is a time to show grace and openness. 

Early in the week, the dark Moon changes places with Mercury retrograde. It swings from the 12th House of Self Undoing to 1st House of Self. This is not the time to rush into projects. It’s a time for learning, observation, processing and learning. Don’t rush to get the important information you need. 

What will your sign do this week?

Aries, don’t assume other people can read your thoughts. Although those closest to you may be able to guess what your thoughts are, relationships that are newer might not be as able. These connections require more sensitive communication and are more difficult to maintain, even when it’s not convenient. 

You don’t have to change your entire approach, necessarily. You should still communicate your thoughts, feelings and intentions to those around you. No one is too good for relationship maintenance—not even you.

When you’re deep in crisis mode, brainstorming can seem like a moot point. Instead, it’s natural to focus on Only troubleshooting—what’s the problem, and how can I solve it? This week, the universe provides such an opportunity. Keep your cool and look outside of the box to find potential solutions. 

Also, take a break from time to evaluate what you can learn from it. What are the bigger problems this setback has revealed? This will allow you to avoid it in the future.

You are so focused on whether people around you like you, that you begin to internalize every miscommunication. But this type of egotistical, self-deprecating perspective isn’t helping anyone. It doesn’t bring you any closer to solving the root issue; in fact, it limits your ability to do so. 

The stars encourage you to stop passive communication this week. Doublespeak is not something anyone wants to be able to understand in a time of internal conflict and retrogrades. Talk clearly and thoughtfully.

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You prefer a slower pace to fit into our culture. Despite what society might lead you to believe, there’s nothing wrong with your approach. Stars recommend sticking with it for at least the next week. 

Avoid the temptation to overexert yourself or overextend. Give yourself some extra time on any projects or commitments that aren’t time sensitive, and be mindful of your environment’s effect on your emotional state. Enjoy this time of relaxation.

It is possible to be influenced by past pain and end up at a crossroads. Are we motivated to keep others from feeling the same pain? Do we use it to justify our inaction? After all, if you had to deal with it, why shouldn’t they?

Leo, the stars are urging you to take a different approach this week. You’re entitled to pick whichever path you prefer, but deep down, you know which is the more productive route to take. Elevating others won’t diminish your own glow—you can have both.

Some people can roll with the punches with little effort; you are…not one of those people. Why should you? You are a meticulous planner. You are a meticulous planner who invests a lot of energy and time in preparing for every possible scenario. 

But Virgo, the universe doesn’t intend to follow. Your schedule. The less stressed you feel, the sooner you can stop trying to manage everything. How many times have you let someone else do the driving? You’re long overdue for a break.

A minor setback won’t derail your life completely. But if you keep thinking about it after the fact, it might. It isn’t the event but how we Please respondThe event that alters our journeys. 

Thus, it’s crucial that you take some time to fully process your situation. Don’t bury down your feelings or concerns to keep the peace. Face it head-on. That’s the only way to get past this blockage. Then, you’ll realize it was far smaller than you thought.

Ignoring your emotions won’t make them go away. You should pay attention to your emotions, regardless of what your insecurities may tell you. It is possible to are worth paying attention to—so, why do you insist on hiding in the shadows?

Do you think it is because people are afraid of coming into the light? stillNot fully seeing you? Newsflash, Scorpio: they don’t see you now, either. What difference could it make to try something different? Best case scenario: you achieve deeper, more fulfilling connections. Worst scenario: Your situation is the same.

The path you’re trying to sprint down is not yet completed, Sag. Not everything in life can be rushed—usually, the best things in life aren’t. Pushing ahead can have potential consequences, no matter how tempting it may be. 

You might also make a mistake if you have insufficient information. Then, you’ll waste even more time having to backtrack over your mistakes. You know what happens when we assume. The stars tell you to stay put right now. There will be plenty of time to run once that is over.

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There’s a reason why so many people turn to you for guidance and support. You are creative, intuitive, and hardworking. But if you continue to spread yourself too thin, these qualities will start to diminish—if not disappear altogether. 

You can’t keep giving up pieces of yourself you can’t afford to spare. If you do, then you’ll be stuck, incapable of helping AnyoneInclude yourself. What are you saying? ‘no’ might not seem like the most compassionate option, but when it comes to taking care of yourself, it’s one of the kindest things you can do.

Unexpected paths have been presented by the universe to you. Do you want to explore it? You might be surprised at how it challenges your values and preconceived notions. You can change your mind, but what is life without a reason? And besides, haven’t you always been a trailblazer?

Aquarius, be careful not to get too comfortable with the routine. Aquarius’ curiosity and willingness to explore new things makes you creative, perceptive, flexible and flexible. Our ability to adapt is like a muscle—if we don’t use it, then we’ll lose it.

Some things are better served by immediate action. Stars recommend that you avoid major decisions because of the number of planets in retrograde. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to go into full autopilot. 

This is the time to absorb and store information. Take note of how your environment—both the physical space and the people within it—make you feel. You’ll know when it’s the right time to actually act on these insights. As long as you are not acting, be a silent observer.

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