Serena Pitt reacts to pregnancies speculation after Joe Amabile’s wedding


Are there any burning questions you want to ask newlyweds? Joe AmabileAnd Serena Pitt? We’ll take you for a second.

The couple tied the knot in New York’s courthouse ceremony days later. Bachelor in Paradise couple responded to speculation from fans—including whether they’re expecting a baby. The answer?

“I’m not [pregnant],” Joe joked during a Nov. 3 YouTube Q&A, Serena completing, “I’m not either.” 

Considering the reality stars have been talking about having a wedding next fall, Serena could see why followers might jump to conclusions. “A lot of people did ask if I was pregnant, which I guess makes sense,”She shared. “People are wondering if we had a shotgun wedding because I’m pregnant. I’m not pregnant.”

Joe, 36 and Serena (25), announced their union. You can upload a video from this ceremonyInstagram, Oct. 27, Although it might have appeared like an unexpected surprise to their followers, the couple revealed that they had been planning the event for three months. They kept it quiet and told only their siblings and parents before the big day.

Nevertheless, One other person who knew. Joe and Serena stated that they could only have one witness, but they knew they wanted to bring their witnesses. Bachelor in Paradise co-star Natasha Parker

“She’s on my podcast with me. She’s a good friend. She’s local New York,” Joe said, noting Natasha also captured the ceremony footage. “So, she was like the perfect fit.”

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