Serena Williams Tells Bradley Cooper That She Can “Come Back to Tennis”


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Tennis’ G.O.A.T. Tennis’ G.O.A.T. may not last forever.

Serena WilliamsAlthough the athlete may have just retired, she said she would not mind returning to the sport at some point in time.

“I feel like if I want to come back, I definitely can still come back,” she told Bradley Cooper during an A+E Networks and the History Channel History Talks event in Washington D.C. on Sept. 24, according to Variety.

Serena (40) is content with the decision to give up her racquet. “just needed to stop.”

“I always said I wanted to stop when I’m playing really good tennis and winning and beating good players,”She spoke. “For me, it’s really about things I want to do spiritually and spending time with my daughter and family.”

Serena welcomes a daughter Olympia in 2017 with husband Alexis Ohanian.

“As a super hands-on mom, I can’t tell you how hard it was. I lost so many matches after I had Olympia because it was so hard to be on the court,”She went on. “I feel like I’ve given so much of my life to tennis, my entire life, that it’s time to do something different for me and also work on other things.”

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