Sesame Place Theme Park Represents Rosita Performer, Who Ignores Black Girls in Crowd


A video showing Rosita, a beloved Sesame Street character, allegedly ignoring two little Black girls who reached out to the character is causing uproar across America.

It happened at the Sesame Park theme park near Philadelphia. 

The mother of one of these girls was outraged and wrote, “This disgusting person blatantly told our kids ‘no’ then proceeded to hug the little white girl next to us!”

Her post caused a social media storm. 

MSNBC’s Joy Reid says she received videos of similar incidents, including one that appeared to show Rosita breezing by another Black child.

“This whole ‘ignoring black children’ thing is a pattern with the Rosita character,”Reid wrote.

The little girls’ lawyer claimed that it was “absolutely”A deliberate snub.

“We don’t want to look to race as the justification for everything that goes wrong in our country. However, that’s the only logical deduction that we can make from it,”He said.

Sesame Plaza claims it was an innocent misinterpretation and that the Rosita performer is distraught by the controversy.

Officials claim that Rosita’s gesture in the video was actually her refusing to take her baby to another mom. This is against the law.  

“The costumes sometimes make it hard to see at lower levels,” Sesame Place said in a statement.

They claim to know what happened at the theme park “is not ok”It is. “taking actions to do better.”They also announced that they will provide additional training for performers “to better understand, recognize and deliver an inclusive, equitable and entertaining experience.”They said they were sorry to the families and invited them all back to meet the characters. 

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