Shady Insider Claims Jennifer Garner Pretendly Tried to Warn Jennifer Lopez About Ben Affleck’s Last Year


Was Jennifer GarnerSending a message Jennifer LopezAbout Ben Affleck? We read a twelve-month-old story in which Garner warned Lopez not to trust Affleck due to his problematic behavior. It’s time for a look back.

Jennifer Garner is afraid of sobriety

Per Life & StyleGarner was afraid that Affleck would go back to his old ways if he continued to live with Lopez. Affleck took a break from one of his and Lopez’s many dates to go gambling, worrying Garner in the process. Source: “The last thing Jen wants is for all of Ben’s hard work to end in another relapse. She’s made it clear through mutual contacts that she wants J. Lo to be aware of certain signs.”Lopez and Garner both agreed that Affleck’s sobriety was the best.

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We debunked this story because it was just another tabloid preying on Affleck’s sobriety. Tabloids predict Affleck’s relapse every time he has a major life change, such as the breakup with Ana de Armas. He maintained his sober lifestyle without Garner or Lopez, so it’s highly unlikely the Jennifers were teaming up to keep him on the straight and narrow. Furthermore, how could Lopez not know Affleck’s history? His alcoholism is public knowledge, so it’s not like Garner would be sharing secrets in the first place.

Is Ben Affleck Doing Okay?

We haven’t heard a peep about the sobriety task force since this story came out, so it sure feels false. Affleck has been steadfast. His wife, Affleck, have remained on the straight and narrow. GigliCo-stars got married on July 16th. Bravo!

Tabloids have argued over how Garner feels about all of this, with some arguing she didn’t hear about the wedding until afterward. Because her children are directly involved in the wedding, she must be legally in the loop. There doesn’t appear to be any animosity between Lopez and Garner. In a move towards blending their families, they went trick-or-treating together. There’s very little drama to be found between Affleck, Garner, and Lopez.

More Gossip

Life & StyleIt continues to annoy the world with absurd Lopez stories. It announced earlier this week that Lopez and Affleck had drafted marriage rules. Even if there were generic rules available, how could a tabloid ever hear about them. The fact of the matter is stories about Lopez and Affleck struggling sells magazines, but they’re keeping marital details close to the chest.

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