Shady Insider explains Rumored ‘Tension’Between Savannah Guthrie On and Hoda Ktb ‘Today’


Are things getting tense? Hoda Koch Savannah GuthrieBehind the scenes: A new report claims that the gossip surrounding the co-anchors has been increasing. Here’s what we know about their alleged work struggles.

Guthrie And Kotb ‘Get Annoyed With Each Other’?

The latest edition Us Weekly reports Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb may not be feuding, but that doesn’t mean they always get along. “Savannah and Hoda are so close, they’re like family,” an insider begins, adding that there’s “no bad blood”The journalists. “Yes, they get annoyed with each other sometimes, just like family members do.”

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The outlet refers to two “awkward on-air moments” between the co-anchors, insisting it’s only natural for such close friends to butt heads every now and then. “With all the work Savannah and Hoda do together, minor disagreements are bound to happen… and that can lead to some tension,”The snitch remarks. “But both women are confident enough to not let a dig or a snap at each other create animosity… They’re in a great place with each other.”

Savannah Guthrie And Hoda Kotb ‘Snapping’Are You at Each Other?

We aren’t quite buying it. While it’s refreshing to see a tabloid rejecting the feud rumors that seem to plague Kotb and Guthrie, it makes its own assertions that we just can’t buy. We don’t know what we are talking about. “awkward on-air moments”This magazine is the one you are referring to. According to our knowledge, the co-anchors have always been good friends on and off air.

The magazine claims that Kotb or Guthrie appear to be appearing on occasion. We became even more skeptical. “digs”Or “snaps”Each other. The main question we have is where is the proof? We can’t find a single instance of the longtime co-workers being rude to each other. According to our research, the magazine has just created a mild feud story as a response to feud rumors.

Tabloids on Savannah Guthrie And Hoda Ktb

While Us Weekly doesn’t often push these kinds of rumors about Guthrie and Kotb, plenty of other tabloids love pitting the anchors against each other. The Earlier in the year, National Enquirer Guthrie claimed that Kotb was being driven off the show by Guthrie. Then came the Globe It is alleged that Kotb and Guthrie were fighting in secret behind closed doors. The result? Get in touch Guthrie claimed Guthrie tried to replace Kotb. It’s hard to trust anything the tabloids have to say about the longtime co-workers.

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