Shady Rumor: Austin Butler Supposedly Divorced Kaia Gerber ‘Elvis’Fame


Do you have Austin Butler Kaia GerberDid they call it quits? One report claims that Butler ended his nine-month-long relationship with Gerber. Here’s what we know about the couple’s rumored split.

It’s ‘Over’ Between Austin Butler And Kaia Gerber?

This week’s edition of In Touch According to reports, Austin Butler grew too large for Kaia Gerber’s relationship. The report states that the couple spent nine months together and were happy before all the attention. Elvis went to the actor’s head. “They were all lovey-dovey on the red carpet when Elvis premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May, but as his star rose, their relationship went down the drain,”An insider is trustworthy “He told her in June it was over. She’s heartbroken.”

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However, Gerber insists that she will be just fine. Gerber, who had a bad relationship with Jacob Elordi and Pete Davidson, revealed that she was working to overcome her codependency issues. “Even if you’re not technically codependent, just not allowing your happiness to rely on someone else’s I think is a huge thing,” Gerber once asserted.

Did Kaia Gerber And Austin Butler Break Up?

This is completely false. Kaia Gerber (and Austin Butler) are still together, as far as we can tell. It’s true that their public appearances have slowed down, but there’s no evidence to suggest the couple called it quits. Fans are actually very happy for them. spotted Gerber in Butler’s photoshoot for the cover The July 27, 2007 edition VMAN. While this isn’t proof that they are currently still dating, they were apparently still serious enough to do the photoshoot together not too long ago.

Furthermore, if this alleged tipster was any friend of Gerber or Butler’s, we seriously doubt they’d go running to the tabloid to talk about how big of a head Butler has gotten. It’s no secret that Butler’s career is only ticking up, and the Oscar buzz just keeps getting louder. With that being said, we have no reason to believe he’s letting the fame affect how he treats people. It’s obvious the tabloid just wanted to insult Butler and decided to go after his relationship with Gerber to do so.

Familiar False Alarms Found in The Tabloid

In Touch loves predicting breakups, but it’s almost always wrong. In 2020, Megan Fox was reported by the outlet as having split with Machine Gun Kelly. The magazine then claimed that Tim McGraw had resigned from Faith Hill. Further, the magazine alleged that Faith Hill was dumped by Tim McGraw. Taylor Swift was dumped at the hands of her longtime boyfriend. Since all of these couples are still together, we aren’t counting Gerber and Butler as done just yet.