Shady Source: Angelina Jolie’s Children Were Supposedly Begging her To Eat During Last Year’s Alleged Health Crisis


Stories about the weight plague Angelina Jolie. We were introduced to a story twelve months ago that brought her children into the picture. Evidently, her children begged her to eat after the story. HackersStar became dangerously thin. Let’s look back on that story and see if even a grain of it was accurate.

‘Not About Staying Thin For Vanity’

According to StarDue to a stressful custody battle against Brad Pitt, Jolie was incredibly thin. Sources claim that Jolie had lost her appetite after so much was at stake. “The kids have been pushing her to eat,”Insider explanation “They order take-out and insist she finish her whole portion. Angelina hated that she’s causing them to worry. Her goal is to gain 10 pounds by the end of summer.”

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This story was immediately questioned by us. StarThere was no evidence to support it. It was impossible to prove that Jolie, who is always slim, had actually lost weight. It would have to be minimal if she had lost weight. Furthermore, her kids aren’t going to divulge family business to the predatory tabloid press. This was a minor family-based twist to a familiar tale.

How Is Angelina Jolie Doing?

One year later, nothing has changed. Angelina Jolie remains close to her children, and she looks exactly the same as ever. It’s just her body type, and it isn’t worth discussing really. Jolie recently She dropped off her daughter at college. That’s never easy, but she was reportedly excited and proud.

On a sadder note, nothing’s changed for the custody battle either. Jolie Pitt and Brad Pitt have been fighting in court for the past year. It’s beginning to feel like this may just never end, but surely it will someday. Unfortunately, catty stories trashing Jolie’s body shape as not perfect enough will never end.

Some things are permanent

StarThis gong has been beating for many years. 2017 was the year she claimed that Brad Pitt’s separation had caused her to wither. It’s rather distressing to think that five years have been spent on the same bogus story.

The Get in touchIt has taken up the pieces of its tabloid counterpart. Just a few months later, the article reported that Jolie had become scarily thin following a mysterious hospital visit. It was just insults and no evidence, as usual. Jolie’s health is fine and her relationship with the children is very strong.