Shady Source Claims To Know How Angelina Jolie’s Recent Rumored Relationship Apparently Ended


Angelina JoliePeople believed that they were an exclusive pair after being spotted last year with a well-known man. Now, one report purports to have the inside scoop on why it didn’t work out. Let’s separate fact and fiction.

No Fun For Angelina Jolie

This week, National EnquirerAccording to reports, Jolie is now in love with The Weeknd. They went to several dinners together but the relationship ended abruptly. A source says, “There were definitely sparks between her and him, but nothing has come of it.”

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All of Jolie’s plans have gone to the wayside. Insider’s conclusion “They were talking about working together on a few projects she’s developing. There was chemistry, but now the projects and their potential have fizzled.”

What’s Going On Here?

If you were challenged with writing a story about a couple spilling up but you knew nothing about them, you’d probably write a story like this. You can read the entire story here. Get in touch claims to have inside information on the Weeknd’s “special friendship,”Yet, it tells the most vague story possible. It is not clear that chemistry dying out provides cutting-edge insight.

It is also ancient history. Weeknd and Jolie shared some time last year. Tabloids got crazy and labeled Weeknd her “boy toy booty call.”This was a serious situation that required a response. E! NewsA far more reliable outlet than the one in dispute, stated that they were friends. According to an insider, “They are not dating…They have mutual interests and are enjoying putting their ideas together to see what they can come up with.”

The following day, the Get in touchThey act as though they are in a relationship, even though they were only discussing projects. One in 100 of every 100 projects celebrities discuss actually becomes a reality. That being said, there’s an excellent reason why they haven’t worked together: The Weeknd is busy on tour.

The After Hours til Dawn Tour sees him traveling across stadiums in the United States through September, and he’s probably going to go abroad after that. Their chances of collaborating have been slim with the singer on tour. 

A Familiar Tale

Back in January, this very outlet proclaimed the Weeknd was detested by Jolie’s children. Another sexist article called Jolie a man-hungry, cougar mother. We must not forget that Jolie is a man-hungry cougar and a bad mother. Get in touchJolie promised that she would flee from the United States in 2017. She never did. Obviously, these so-called sources don’t have any idea what they’re talking about.

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