Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers Reportedly ‘Rushed’ Their Engagement


Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers reportedly “rushed” into their engagement without truly understanding their differences. The former couple broke up after about two years together, and about a year after Rodgers announced their engagement during the 2021 NFL Honors ceremony. The NFL quarterback and the Big Little Lies star reportedly spent very little time together in the past year because of their careers.

Woodley, 30, and Rodgers, 38, “rushed into an engagement way too early,” a source told InTouch Weekly Thursday. “The physical chemistry was there, no doubt about it, but the more time passed, the more they realized their differences. Shailene and Aaron thought knew each other but they didn’t really.”

On Wednesday, a source told InTouch that the two “barely” spent time together in recent months. “She felt he neglected their relationship. Neither of them was happy,” the source said at the time. Another insider said the two “couldn’t make it work” and there were “too many obstacles.” However, the two split on “amicable” terms. A separate source told PEOPLE the relationship just was not working because they were busy with their careers. “They will remain friendly; there’s no bad blood and no drama. It just didn’t work out for them,” the source said.

Rodgers and Woodley started dating in 2020, but neither of them commented on the relationship until Rodgers suddenly announced he was engaged when he accepted his third NFL MVP award. Woodley later confirmed she was the fiance Rodgers was talking about during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “We met during this whacky, whacky time and all the stadiums were closed that he was playing in,” Woodley told Fallon.  “I didn’t really grow up with sports, especially American sports,” Shailene admitted. “It was never really on my radar. When we met, also, I knew he was a football guy, but I didn’t know like what kind of a football guy he was. And I’m still constantly learning.”

Throughout last fall, there were rumors that Woodley and Rodgers were heading towards a split during the fall-out from Rodgers’ controversial coronavirus vaccine comments. However, she publicly defended him and accused the media of trying to “disparage” him. There were also reports that the two had a “non-traditional” relationship after Woodley didn’t publicly wish Rodgers a happy birthday.

The split comes just after Rodgers won his fourth NFL MVP at the 2022 NFL Honors. Rodgers attended the ceremony at the YouTube Theater in Inglewood, California without Woodley. “I’m thankful for all the highs and lows this year and the growth opportunities on and off the field. Thank you for all the love and support,” Rodgers wrote on Instagram on Feb. 10. Some fans suspected that the “lows” Rodgers referred to included the break-up. Rodgers and Woodley have not commented on the break-up reports.

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