Shailene Woodley is rumored to have dated Aaron Rodgers, according to latest gossip.


Are you Shailene Woodley Aaron RodgersAre you ready to say goodbye to the old days of engagement? According to one report, his refusal to quit brought an end to the engagement. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Over Already!’

According to StarWoodley and Rodgers retracted their engagement. “They didn’t even spend Christmas together and the wedding is off,”Source: Woodley seems to be quite sad that the two had a fight on Woodley’s birthday, December 2. An insider says, “Shailene says Aaron is just too jealous and controlling for it to work.”

According to the source, Rodgers wanted a relationship that allowed for lots of freedom. However, Rodgers believed she had too many male friends. Another insider blames the split on Rodgers’ career: “Shailene was hoping he’d retire from the NFL to work on the relationship.”Rodgers, when presented with an ultimatum to choose his passion over his fiancee.

What’s Really Going On With Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, the NFL MVP, is still in place for just a few more weeks. He’s still an elite quarterback good enough to lead a questionable Packers squad into the playoffs. There’s no reason Shailene Woodley could have expected him to leave his career for her, nor would that fit the Divergent star’s reputation at all.

This story is totally false because Woodley and Rodgers haven’t broken up. PeopleThe reliable source of information is, which reports that Woodley & Rodgers are both in the news. “agree to disagree”Politics A source says, “She is not someone whose mind you can change, so Aaron hasn’t even tried.” This story would not exist if they’d broken up, so they must still be together.

As for the Christmas bit, Woodley isn’t Christian. “My religion is the Earth…I believe in trees,” She once said. Rodgers is an atheist. He stated in 2020 “I don’t know how you can believe in a God.” While it’s totally possible for them to celebrate the holiday anyway, why would they prioritize Christmas when it’s not their worldview?

Tall Tales

If this bogus story isn’t enough, Star has proven once before that it has no insight into Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley’s personal lives. It claimed that they were ready to start their own family in June. It doesn’t look like the wedding has happened yet, nor does the Fault in Our StarsActors appear excited to have children.

This tabloid has a pattern of promising breakups that don’t happen. Reese Witherspoon (Bill Clinton), and Miranda Lambert remain married despite the fact that they were divorced. Starhas reported. A split on a cover means that the couple is doing well.

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