‘Shang-Chi’ Actor Simu Liu Shares Dramatic Hair Transformation


Simu Liu has a brand new hairstyle for 2012, but he is nervous about how one person will react. The Legend of the Ten Rings and the Shang-ChiStar posted a new Instagram selfie showing his blonde hair. The caption he self-consciously added was: “Sorry ma pls don’t kill me.”

Liu had his hair dyed in a way that left the roots black and gave rise to a lighter contrasting blonde. His new hair was styled so that it fell down in a strategic disarray and his eyebrows and facial stubble remained their natural colors. He posed shirtless, holding out a peace sign with one hand and looking blankly at the camera. While most people loved the new look, many were curious about his professional future.

“Back in [high school], my mom told me only [hooligans] did their hair like this. G’luck getting her to add you back into the We Chat group!”Philip Wang, director and writer, wrote the following: Olivia Munn, actress, was also added to the list: “The 90s really are back,”While actor Tim Chantarangsu commented on: “Oh my boy went CHUCKIE AKENZ with it!”

Fans also had a lot of fun in the comments. One called Liu “Liu”. “Shang-Chad”He was rewarded with more than 600 likes on his comment. Another wrote: “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Frosted Tips?”However, the majority of comments were positive with heart-eyes emoticons sprinkled in.

It was speculated that this new look might be for Liu’s role in a film. Fans wondered if the dye job would interfere with Liu’s acting plans. Fans are free to speculate about what actors do with their hair, tattoos and other personal appearance preferences.

Liu has 2 upcoming projects listed. His IMDb PageHowever, both are still in post-production. Therefore, filming should have been completed in theory. The first is a romantic comedy called One True LoveThe movie, in which Liu finds herself in a love-triangle with Phillipa Ando and Luke Bracey. It is expected to be out before the end of the year. The other is Arthur the KingThe drama follows an adventure racer who adopts a dog. It has yet to be released.

Fans assume Liu will continue to work in Marvel Cinematic Universe for the next few years. Shang-Chi A sequel has been given greenlight and a TV spinoff. Liu’s character may also make an appearance in many MCU movies or shows. It remains to be determined if he will do it with blond hair. Shang-Chi & the Legend of the Ten RingsDisney+ streaming available now

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