‘ShangChi’ Star Meng’er Zhang Teases Emotional Deleted Szene for Shaun and Xialing


There are many things to do in the Shang-ChiMeng’er Zhang claims that Blu-ray is better than DVD. PopCulture.com spoke exclusively to Zhang about the highlights of home video copies. She also teased an emotional deleted scene between Shaun (Simu) and her brother, Meng’er Zhang.

“On the Blu-ray, we have a lot of, like, fun gag reels, and we have a lot of cut scenes on the Blu-ray. It’s really cool to watch,”She said. “After watching all those cut scenes, I guess, for me, it’s just like experiencing everything all over again… Also, in the cut scenes, there’s a scene [where] Shang-Chi apologized to Xialing. So has she really forgiven him? So that’s all those kinds of things that we, we can discover later.”

By “later,”Zhang probably meant that Zhang was referring to the hopes of fans for a Xialing sequel series. Her character took over the Ten Rings criminal organization. This scene was even more famous than the iconic Marvel post-credit scene. Fans have speculated about a spinoff about Xialing or the 10 Rings since then.

Zhang signed those hopes. [a]Xialing Disney+ Show. It’s my dream! I love that idea, because I think Xialing has a lot more for us to explore and the 10 Rings organization – now she’s the new leader right now. What’s next? Right?!”

Zhang confessed that she has been watching Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings pretty much nonstop since she got access to it. She said: “I believe I’ve seen it at least five times. And I watched it on Disney+… Oh my goodness, I can’t even count. Sometimes, we just enjoy it as background music. I will also be purchasing the Blu-ray.”

Shang-Chi is Zhang’s first feature-length film, though she has a long career in the theater behind her. She sent out a video audition for a blind casting call, never realizing that she was going out for the MCU. Now that she’s in, she is excited to see how far Xialing can go.

So far, Marvel Studios has not officially weighed in on the possibility of a Shang-Chi spinoff or even a sequel to the superhero hit. The movie is now streaming on Disney+ and perfect for the holiday season, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is available Nov. 30 at participating retailers, including Best Buy who is selling the Blu-ray ($24.99) and 4K UltraHD Blu-ray with Blu-ray (29.99)Prices subject to change are not the responsibility of ViacomCBS or PopCulture.