Shannon Knapp, InvictaFC Founder, Details Working with Halle Berry on Netflix Film


Halle Berry returns with her new film BruisedYou can stream the series on Netflix right now. Actress Jackie Justice, 55, plays the role of a mixed-martial arts fighter who is disgraced. With BruisedBerry was primarily focused on MMA and Shannon Knapp (founder, president, Invicta Fighting Championships) was a consultant on the film. spoke with Knapp about Berry’s experience as an MMA fighter. 

“Well, I think she’s incredibly talented,”PopCulture heard from Knapp. “I don’t think there’s anything that any role that she would take on that she wouldn’t be incredible in. I thought she did an amazing job. I thought that fight scene, in the end, the last part of the movie in that championship fight — I thought it looked real. I thought it was filmed very well. I think that she brought the validity to that character for sure.”

Knapp also described her role as consultant. “With Halle, it was more about consulting on with the props and with the cage and helping to make sure that the scene in the movie looked like a real fight, to eye out things that would give us that validation, or the validity, that this is a live promotion and this is happening,” Knapp explained. “She came out to the event and really threw opened the doors and said, ‘take a look at, this is how it’s done. This is where these athletes get started; this is the process of wrapping. This is coming out on the stage, making that walk to the cage.’ So we were… I feel like we were instrumental in that way also.”

Invicta FCThis is the inspiration behind BruisedBerry is the film’s producer. Knapp shared the surprising things she discovered about Berry after meeting her for the first time in June 2019. “What I was really surprised was her passion for the sport,”Knapp’s revelations. “I mean, we get all these fans, but to have that passion and to have that drive to really want to shine a light and to get it right. Those are the things that I really noticed about her that I found even more surprising.” 

Knapp would love Berry to get more involved with MMA, particularly Invicta FC. “Halle is an incredible person,”Knapp claimed. “Not just what you see in films and things like that, she genuinely is an incredible person. And it’s that energy that she brings to things. And the fact that she’s passionate about the sport and elevating the women, the female athletes. Yeah, I think anytime I could have a tag team partner like that, that would be amazing, right?”

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