Shark Attacks Caused More Human Deaths from Dogs, Bees, and Farm Animals than Shark Attacks


With multiple attacks and sightings in the last few months, it’s being called the summer of the shark. But despite their dangerous reputation, they’re not even close to being the deadliest beast to humans!

“People’s first preconceived notions of deadly animals, they always go towards the predators — the lions, the sharks, the alligators. But believe it or not, there’s some animals you wouldn’t expect that really cause a lot of deaths,”Jarod Miller, an animal expert, said.

Over eight years, eight people were killed in shark attacks in the United States. Nine people were also killed by alligators during that time. 

It was responsible for 70 deaths. Snakes caused 136 deaths.

Dogs killed 250 people during that time. There were 48 dog attacks that resulted in death in 2020.  

Next are wasps and bees, which have killed 509 people.

“A lot of these cases that result in fatalities with swarms of bees and wasps have a lot more to do with just [being in] the wrong place at the wrong time,” Miller said. 

The top of the list is cows and horses. They killed 655 people in attacks on farm workers, who were victims to blunt force trauma, such as being kicked or tramped.

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