Sharna Burgess Celebrates Becoming an American Citizen in Emotional Post


Sharna Burgess is Celebrate a great victoryIt’s not happening in the ballroom. Dancing With the Stars. This week, the former pro on the long-running reality series announced that she is now a U.S. Citizen.

“Today something really amazing happened…I had no idea that this would feel emotional for me. This has been my home for nearly 12 years now,”Burgess contributed to the post. “My son was born here, my life and love and career… all here. And yet this last step of becoming a citizen and finally having the same rights as all Americans felt so important.”

Entertainment TonightBurgess was born in Australia and has lived abroad since her 18th birthday. She sometimes carries a small suitcase with her on her journey to her current life.

“At one point my belongings were just in garbage bags since it was easier to move,”Burgess shares. “I’ve never even had to vote anywhere before. I think I always felt a bit like a Gypsy searching for belonging. Afraid of staying in one place and also craving the security of it.

“Slowly, America became my permanent residence.” she continued. “I eventually found my tribe here. I bought a house here, fell in love here, and I had my son here. This last step was the one I never realized I needed. The long and difficult chapter of searching for belonging is now over. Sharna Burgess, I am a citizen of The United States of America. I belong here.”

Burgess and boyfriend Brian Austin Green stood side-by-side in the photo in embrace, while the pro dancer held her certificate in her hands. She also included a clop of her taking the naturalization oath to the U.S., with Whitney Houston providing a soundtrack to the post thanks to her 1991 Super Bowl rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner.

So hot on the heels of becoming a new mom, taking time away from Dancing With the Stars this season, and establishing new romance in her life, Burgess found time to become a citizen. Now she can fully focus her powers on raising baby Zane and growing her “Tribe” is a citizenship. Bravo to DWTS alum!

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