She has a trial date for the lawsuit against Meghan Markle brought by her sister


Meghan MarkleThis year, she will be appearing in court for the third time. Half-sister to her. Samantha MarkleShe accuses her of lying to Oprah Winfrey. A trial date has been set, but don’t get too excited. Here’s what’s going on, and why it probably won’t get that far.

Samantha Markle’s Reason for Suing

Meghan has a broken relationship with her family due to the split between Samantha Markle and Thomas Markle. Her sister and her father have supported the British tabloids and are open to giving hurtful interviews whenever possible. Samantha was expelled from Twitter after repeatedly attacking her half sister. There’s nothing but disdain here folks.

To hear Meghan tell it, she’s basically had little to no contact with them since she got married. This hasn’t stopped both of them from dragging her name through the mud every chance they get.

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Samantha is suing Markle because of comments she made during Winfrey’s interview. Finding Freedom. Meghan stated that Samantha and Meghan were best friends. “virtual strangers”And she grew up “as an only child.”Samantha called these stories false, and defamatory. Thomas is taking Samantha’s side. This is a huge headache.

The date is set

Despite Meghan’s lawyer’s attempts to get the lawsuit dropped entirely, a A Florida judge has given a trial date. The Markles could be fighting in court on October 2, 2023 for a maximum of five days. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, the date will be set. They must find a mediator and the judge will require quick submissions to avoid wasting court resources.

Samantha is seeking $75,000 from the former SuitsStar, but it can be difficult. For one thing, Meghan didn’t write Finding FreedomNone at all. The judges argued that Winfrey’s statements were clearly emotional and should not be considered objective facts. They claim that Winfrey’s comments were void of context.

What’s Going To Happen?

There’s no way of knowing if this trial will ever actually occur. Samantha’s case need not be ironclad for a settlement, and Meghan may want to pay the five-figure sum just to get Samantha off her back. Celebrity lawsuits like this usually end well before they go to trial. Meghan may prefer to ignore the media scrutiny that comes along with a public trial.

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It is possible that it will never go to court because the court system is pressing them to get settled quickly. One thing is for sure: there’s no love lost between Samantha and Meghan Markle. Maybe someday, all these bad feelings will end. We’re not holding our breath.

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