‘She Said’ Writer Wins Award For Film, But Its True Test Will Be Hollywood’s Reaction


Rebecca Lenkiewicz may be a name that you don’t recognize. Although she’s been a playwright and screenwriter for more than 20 years, she has yet to become a household name. Lenkiewicz might be a name you hear at the water fountain. That’s because the writer has already won an award for a movie that has yet to be released.

Lenkiewicz, will be honored at the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards. The ceremony honors filmmakers and writers who work behind the scenes. She’s receiving an award for writing the soon to be released film, She said it. The film is all about Hollywood’s complicity in the sexual abuse committed by Harvey Weinstein.

Hollywood will take off their rose-colored glasses.

She said itOne of the most beloved movies of the year. While it is a great movie, there’s a question about whether Hollywood will ignore their part in the film’s story. Is the film industry prepared to confront themselves in the new movie?

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In Maria Schrader’s English-language directorial debut, Hollywood is being forced to grapple with their involvement—or lack thereof—in the sexual assault and abuse that Weinstein caused numerous women. Although the trial for the sexual predator continues, the culpability of Hollywood’s involvement may just be beginning.

Weinstein is clearly a sexual predator. Many women suffered severe trauma, harm, or abuse from Weinstein. However, the abuser didn’t commit the assaults on his own. Others knew what was going on behind closed doors. She said itI am holding up a mirror to Hollywood, making them look at themselves in the mirror.

It’s Time That Hollywood Changes

Between Lenkiewicz’s writing and the incredible cast in the movie, the film is sure to be one of the best movies of the year. Carey Mulligan, Zoe Kazan and Jodi Kantor are brilliantly portraying Megan Twohey (the journalist who broke the story). From the sharp writing to the emotional toll displayed by the cast members, the movie captures the audience’s attention.

Will the movie get the attention it deserves in Hollywood, however? The movie is a direct reflection of Hollywood’s power and predation on the vulnerable. Some people working in the film industry might have difficulty accepting their roles and what they can do. Vielleicht, those working in Hollywood will be surprised to see the value of this movie in historical context.

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