Sheila Carrasco from ‘Ghosts’ Reflects on Favorite Season 1 Episodes.


CBS’s record-breaking smash hit freshmen sitcom GhostsIt has been a great delight for viewers since its debut in October. It has been a delight to watch since its premiere last October. The Joe Port and Joe Wiseman-created sitcom brought humor and heart into the primetime TV landscape. But while the fans have their say on social media quite often, series star Sheila Carrasco — also known as the 1960s hippie ghost Flower — admits to that her favorite episodes, though hard to decide since there are “so many”They are actually near the end of the season.

“I really loved the ghost prom episode [‘Attic Girl’] actually for Sam’s backstory,”She spoke about the episode, which was steered by Rose McIver. “I just never would’ve thought that she would’ve been bullied in school and knowing that, it makes so many of her qualities make a lot of sense, that she wants to be part of the team. She wants to help people and she wants to be liked by these ghosts. Like a lot of people might be like, ‘Okay, fine. This is my house. I’m alive, you know? You deal.'”

Addition of how it was “cool”Carrasco also admitted that Sam was a very difficult person to get information about. “fun episode to shoot”With her co-stars. She came in second place as her favourite. “Trevor’s Pants,” which saw Woodstone’s ’90s Wall Street bro ghost — played by Asher Grodman — finally reveal the reason for why he doesn’t have pants in the afterlife. “I really wouldn’t have guessed that he was a nice guy and that it led to that’s why he wasn’t wearing pants. It was just such a cool twist. The writers, man, they really keep us on our toes,”She spoke.

Carrasco will undoubtedly be able to find many more episodes that are favorites for the cast and audience, but she has her sights set on a musical episode in the wake of the Carnegie Hall performance last month supporting the Paramount Upfronts. Richie Moriarty is her co-star. “hopeful”Carrasco believes that it’s possible to have a musical episode featuring Danielle Pinnock. “highly possible, from what [she’s] heard”So far. “I know that musical episodes are kind of hard to pull off, especially within the context of the show that we already have, really making it make sense, but I think it’s something — and everyone is such a great performer. So it would be such a cool thing to do.”

Carrasco is pleased to announce that the show will return to CBS this fall for Season 2. “The most surprising response is just how much people are touched by the episodes. We knew that what we were making when we made the pilot was funny and as we were making the season, the jokes, everyone is just so hilarious, but it’s been really wonderful to see how much people have connected with the storylines, with the more moving moments,”She spoke. “I mean, that’s just a testament to our wonderful writers and directors, but also to the fans for really giving us a chance and letting us into their hearts.”

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