Sheriff Releases Video of Alec Baldwin Discovering Halyna HUTCHINS Die in Rust


Recently released video captures the moment Alec Baldwin learns that Halyna HUTCHINS, cinematographer for Alec Baldwin, died from an accidental shot made with a prop guns on the set. “Rust” last October.

“I do have some very unfortunate news to tell you,”A deputy sheriff tells the actor.

“What?” Baldwin says. 

“She didn’t make it,”The deputy responds.

Baldwin, visibly shocked, froze for 24 painful seconds. 

The detective told him that there was still hope for director Joel Souza, who was also wounded in the shooting and ultimately survived.

“I want to call my wife,”Baldwin, distraught, said. 

Baldwin was then photographed in tears in the parking lot while he talked to Hilaria. Hilaria was at home in New York caring for their six children.

The footage was included in a trove of evidence released by the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department in its ongoing investigation of the shooting.

The department also released body camera footage from authorities questioning cast and crew after the shooting and clips of Baldwin rehearsing the gun-draw scene that would end in Hutchins’ accidental death. 

Hutchins was left behind by her husband and 9 year-old son. 

Baldwin claims he didn’t pull the trigger on the gun when it went off.