Sheriff Says Mom Was Charged with Faking 2016 Kidnapping


The sheriff overseeing the Sherri Papini case says he wouldn’t be surprised if more people were charged after Papini was arrested last week for allegedly faking her own abduction in 2016. 

“I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if other people were charged in this charade, because there were other people in the know and there were other people involved,”Shasta County Sheriff Michael Johnson claimed. 

After Papini was reported missing by her husband in 2016, she was found three weeks later — bruised and branded — and told police she had been kidnapped and held against her will.

In an affidavit, the FBI now claims she was actually holed up in an ex-boyfriend’s home in Costa Mesa. 

According to court papers, the ex boyfriend admitted to Papini’s help. “run away,” because she claimed she’d been abused by her husband.

According to the affidavit the ex-boyfriend claimed that Papini requested him to board the windows to prevent any light from entering. The ex claimed that he was a thief during their time together. “slept on the couch in the living room”While she “had her own room,”And that she struck herself to make bruises, and that he asked her to label her shoulder.

The court document claims that Papini demanded to be driven back to Northern California three weeks later. Two Hispanic women kidnapped her, she told investigators.

Public reports indicate that James Reyes was once engaged by Papini. It is possible that he may have been a helper.

Papini is being held at Sacramento County Jail. She was argued by her attorney that she should be freed on bail. 

Papini’s husband, the sheriff says, is not believed by him. The investigators have not charged the ex-boyfriend with any crime.