Sheriff Slams Road Rage Suspects who allegedly shot each other’s children


According to police, a Florida sheriff has reprimanded two motorists for allegedly shooting at each other in a road rage incident. The drivers also hit their daughters, who were also in their cars.

“When I first heard about it happening, I thought of the movie ‘Dumb and Dumber,’” Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper told Inside Edition.

Frank Allison and William Hale got into a high-speed “cat and mouse” faceoff on the highway involving sudden stops, obscene gestures and a water bottle thrown at one car, police said. Suddenly, gunfire erupted. 

Allison allegedly opened fire on Hale’The 5-year-old girl was struck in the leg when Hale drove into her car. Cops claim Hale fired back eight times and struck a 14 year-old girl in her back. On police bodycam footage from the incident, you can hear one of the victims screaming. 

Both drivers were charged with attempted murder. 

Leeper was not shy in his comments about the accused men during a press conference. “There could have been two dead kids because of two stupid grown men,”He said.

Each dad could spend up to 15 years prison if convicted of attempted murder.

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