Sherri Papini, Mom, Accused of Faking 2016 Kidnapping Runs from Media as She’s Freed on Bail


As she was being released from jail Wednesday, a California woman who had been accused of staging her own kidnapping tried to hide from the cameras. 

Sherri Papini ran out of Sacramento County Jail, after posting $120,000 bail.

Prosecutors opposed her release and warned she would be an Anonymous. “extreme flight risk.

Prosecutors also revealed that Papini was at her kids’ piano lesson when she was arrested by FBI agents last week. According to the district attorney’s office, “She screamed ‘no’ and ran away from them and resisted arrest.”

Papini is accused of faking her own kidnapping six years ago, when all along the FBI says she was shacked up for three weeks with an ex-boyfriend 600 miles from where she lived.

Papini’s attorney argued in court that she be spared an ankle monitor, because the restraint would be “traumatizing” due to her supposed abduction six years ago.

Shasta County Sheriff Michael Johnson calls Papini’s story a “farce”This cost taxpayers hundreds and thousands of dollars.

“Super frustrating for law enforcement, disheartening to the community and a complete fraud,”Johnson stated.

Papini was required to give up her passport and firearms, and was then ordered to receive psychiatric treatment. 

The date of her next hearing is March 25. She could face up to 25 years imprisonment and $500,000 fines if she is convicted.