Shirtless Orlando Bloom Wins “Dad of the Year”For This


Orlando Bloom It’s true, he is just like us.

Well, not quite—because he Is Orlando Bloom after all. The new Instagram video shows that the Orlando Bloom is back. Carnival RowStar revealed that he loves to build toys and paint with his toddler daughter like any parent. The star shared the clip online and appeared to be with his daughter. Daisy Dove‘s bedroom or playroom, where he was in the process of building something for his baby girl. 

“Stars,”He exclaimed, “they’re just like us.”In the meantime, his other half Katy Perry deemed him “Dad of the Year”For his efforts. He was not only able to put together the new item but he also decorated one of the walls with daisies by using stencils to pay tribute to their little one. 

Fans were not only impressed by his work. Some followers were also surprised to see him wearing a shirtless outfit during the filming. “Sexy worker!”Someone wrote.