Shock Rumor: Adele Is Supposedly Addicted to Plastic Surgery After Unrecognizable Appearance


It is AdeleAre you addicted to plastic surgery? One report states that “Skyfall”Singer cannot stop changing her appearance, and her loved ones are becoming more suspicious. Let’s check in and learn what’s really going on.

‘Check Out That Pout!’

According to Life & StyleAfter losing 100 pounds in 2020, Adele is almost impossible to recognize. Her transformation hasn’t stopped, and she’s supposedly now trying to change her face as well. Sources say that her obsession with image was caused by her move to LA. “Some people claim Adele’s even addicted to plastic surgery. She’s constantly researching the latest procedures online!”

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Recent photos of Adele hint at many tweaks. According to a doctor, “Adele appears to have undergone some considerable changes,”She argued that her nose is thinner and that she has likely had fillers to her lips. Botox may also be suspected by the doctor.

All the plastic surgery could mean an end for Adele’s love life, the outlet notes. Rich Paul is supposedly not a fan of his partner’s road. An insider says, “He has warned Adele to tone it down… Rich doesn’t want to date some Hollywood Barbie doll. He loves Adele the way she is.”

Is Adele Okay?

Some details of this story are hard to believe. Adele can’t be trusted to accurately tell you what Adele is doing online. If you don’t, Life & Style is hacking into her computer, then that’s just a load of hooey.

This story is largely supported by evidence from a doctor who used terms such as “likely,” “appears,” “suspect.”Details are the devil here. This doctor has never given treatment to Adele. They’re just openly speculating based on a few carefully selected photographs. It’s best to avoid conflating truth with speculation.

To prove its point about Adele’s shifting appearance, the article compares two Adele photos. One photo is a very recent paparazzi photograph, the other is from 2008. Let’s put nose job rumors aside, and let’s even put Adele’s dramatic weight loss aside. Unless you’re Paul Rudd, no one is going to look the same after 14 years.

Adele was 20 in 2008, and she’s 34 now. You don’t need a plastic surgeon to say she looks different. While Adele looks radically different after her weight loss, she’s still recognizably herself. Even though she did do some work, it was only a minor one and wasn’t close to addiction. This story doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Adele’s History

Life & StyleIt was announced last October by Adele that she was racing to the altar alongside Paul. Although they are still in a relationship, the wedding never took place. It was revealed that Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence helped Adele start her film career in 2019. Stone and Lawrence are too busy to act as agents for Adele. She’s expressed little interest in acting to this point.

Adele joins Gwen Stefani now as a purported plastic surgery addict. It’s just a lame tabloid trope used to insult women’s faces.

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