Show Gossip: Mayim Bialik Apparently Warned by ‘Jeopardy!’ Producers She’s Losing Battle To Be Permanent Host


It is Mayim Bialik‘s at risk of losing her Jeopardy! hosting gig? One tabloid claims Bialik is turning viewers away with her recent makeover. Let’Let’s take a closer glance at the rumor.

Hosting Gig In ‘Jeopardy’ Because She’s ‘Boring’?

This week, Globe reports Mayim Bialik’s fashion sense has left Jeopardy! fans unimpressed, and now the show’s executive producers are allegedly looking to replace her. Bialik’s Jeopardy! The host’s wardrobe consisted of patterned blazers and sweaters as well as round statement glasses. But, although the show is geared towards brainiacs, sources say the host’s looks are far too “nerdy.”

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“The overwhelming consensus among fans and audience panels is Mayim’s drab, has no style, and is too uptight,”An insider’s guide to cooking. “Bosses know she has to change and have more Hollywood glamour. They want her to put more effort into her wardrobe and wear some makeup—because viewers can’t stand her outfits.”

But sources say Bialik isn’t taking the criticism lying down. “She thinks it’s highly irregular to require her to wear designer duds. She supplies her own wardrobe from her own closet, and that’s the problem. It’s become a standoff,”According to the tipter, But finally, the source notes that if Bialik doesn’t update her wardrobe quick, she could be getting the boot. “Some snicker Ken Jennings may be back sooner than anyone thought,”The snitch is over.

Mayim Bialik Gives Fans A ‘Case Of The Blahs’?

This report is somewhat bizarre. First of all, it doesn’t seem like Mayim Bialik is in danger of losing her hosting gig. ABC announced recently that it had ordered a slate for episodes. Celebrity Jeopardy! It is a spinoff from the popular game show. It is It is widely believed that Bialik will host the new program.. The host of future seasons will be. Jeopardy! Although the new spinoff show and Bialik are yet to be announced respectively, they will most likely still host one.

As for Bialik’s wardrobe, it’s a bit odd to blame her for the negative feedback. Bialik first addressed the double standard that women in her position face. While Alex Trebek and other male game show hosts are given the security of a suit and tie, women’s clothing comes under much more scrutiny. But Bialik isn’t only up against the constraints of feminine work attire. She’s also explained that she isn’t in complete control of what she wears. As with most TV shows, Jeopardy! A wardrobe department is available. The department, as you might imagine, has a budget.

Mayim Bialik Responds to Wardrobe Criticism

“It’s very interesting to me, you know, to say, ‘Well, gosh, what should I wear?’ Alex wore a different suit every single show but people didn’t think about it that much because it was navy, or it was gray,”Bialik said ET! In a Recent interview. “Whereas I might wear colors sometimes and you might recognize that jacket because we also have a budget.”

Bialik continued by saying that the focus should always remain on the contestants and never on her clothes. “It’s not about what Mayim Bialik’s wearing, it’s about these contestants and, like, all the random, amazing things that they know,”Bialik stated. And seeing how quickly this kind of criticism turns into ruthless insults, we couldn’t agree more with her sentiment.

The Tabloids on Mayim Bialik

The tabloids clearly aren’t rooting for Mayim Bialik. This is far from the first unfairly negative report we’ve seen about the Call me Kat actress. The actress was born in the earlier part of this year. National Enquirer Bialik demanded $18 million in salary to host, according to reports Jeopardy!. Bialik was then allegedly being forced out of her job by the same magazine. Jeopardy! producers. Bialik was also accused of trash-talking Ken Jennings in the background. These rags clearly have bias against Bialik.