Show Gossip: Vanna White Supposedly Ready to Quit ‘Wheel Of Fortune’Pat Sajak


It is Vanna whiteWhat will it be like to leave the show that made her famous? According to one tabloid, the letter-turner could be nearing her end. Wheel of Fortune. Here’s the latest gossip about the popular game show.

Vanna white ‘Ready To Walk Off Wheel’?

Per the GlobeVanna White stands up for Pat Sajak, her co-star. Sajak has been fielding complaints about his attitude towards contestants, but sources say that if Sajak gets the boot, White isn’t going to stick around. “Vanna’s at a time in her life where she’s got more than enough money in the bank and doesn’t need stress,”Confidential information from an inside source “She’s thought about it long and hard and without Pat, she sees little reason to stick around.”

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The outlet notes that White hasn’t been exempt from Sajak’s crude comments, recounting a recent incident where Sajak asked White if she ever “watched opera in the buff.” But even so, the article insists White wouldn’t want to work on Wheel of Fortune Without him. “Even if they make her a gigantic offer, she’ll leave because she wouldn’t want to dance on Pat’s grave,”The tipper concludes.

Pat Sajak Is On The Chopping Block

Despite this tabloid’s countless attempts to cast doubt on Pat Sajak’s job security, by all accounts, it doesn’t look like his position is in jeopardy at all. While he’s certainly had some slip-ups on-air in his 40 years of hosting, his overall legacy has been a positive one. Sajak is now synonymous with the program. It doesn’t seem like the show wants to push Sajak out until he’s ready to go.

So, with that in mind, it’s bizarre to suggest White is telling everyone she’s going to quit if Sajak gets fired. Not only would such a move be pointless, but it likely wouldn’t go over well with the current producers of the show. We’re not saying that White wouldn’t walk out in solidarity with Sajak, but she definitely isn’t blabbing that plan to this outlet’s sketchy source.

Learn More ‘Wheel Of Fortune’Gossip from the Outlet

The Globe He has a bad habit sharing unfounded gossip about Vanna white and Pat Sajak. Last year, the outlet reported Sajak’s wife was upset about his “work spouse”White and their relationship. White was then claimed to be the title of the magazine. “fed up”With the show and demanding a $5million pay increase. The publication also claimed that White was in talks to take over as host from Sajak. The publication was clear that White was being set to replace Sajak as host. Globe doesn’t really have spies lurking behind the scenes of Wheel of Fortune.

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