Show Off Your Rockin’ Mullet at the USA Mullet Championships


Do you have a great mullet to rock? At the USA Mullet Championships, show it off. It exists.

Mullet Champ was launched in 2020. WebsiteSocial media accounts and other social media accounts can be used to promote the “business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back”Hairstyles, they say.

The USA Mullet Championships offer a variety of categories, ranging from the kids, teens, the men’s open, and femullet. 

People who want to register can do so on the competition’s website. Facebook is used to vote for the best mane before the final round on the website.

The USA Mullet Championships website states that the competition will be held at live events at state fairs, festivals and festivals in Colorado, Indiana, and New York.

It has been followed by over 60,000 people Facebook pageEach post in the competition receives hundreds to thousands of comments, likes, shares and shares from people who support all things mullet.

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