Showrunner for ‘Blue Bloods’ Hints at More Character Appearances


The Blue Bloods Season 13 premiere is just around the corner, and the episode promises to be packed with guest stars. Will Hochman will return to the Reagan Sunday dinner tables as Joe Hill. Kevin Wade, Showrunner, teased Joe making more appearances throughout the season.

Wade hopes to include Joe “a fair amount”In Season 13, he told TVLine. There will be some surprises in the Season 13 premiere. “crossed wires in an investigation”This also ties in with Erin Reagan, Anthony Abetamarco and Steven Schirripa (Donnie Wahlberg). Wade regards Joe as a “wonderful character to write who’s a Reagan and who’s not a Reagan,”Joe is not blindly supportive of everything the New York Police Department does. “We love to have a little outlet where we don’t have to be so ‘true blue’ about the whole thing,”He stated.

Keeping the Faith
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Joe was introduced in Season 10’s episode “Family Secrets”The Reagans learned that Frank (Tom Selleck), the eldest son of Frank, had a child by Paula Hill (Bonnie Sommerville) when they were in their late twenties. Joe has been on the show for several times, including four episodes in Season 12. Interview with Joe PopCulture.comWade revealed earlier this year that he and the writers came to Joe for someone to replace Wade. “rock”The Reagans ruled the world. They made Joe a policeman, despite not having been influenced by Frank. “He’s got to be more like the loose cannon rogue… cop,” Wade explained. “It really just grew organically from there.”

Season 13 Episode is Titled “Keeping the Faith”The film also features Peter Hermann and Stacy Keach as guests. Keach plays the archbishop Kearns role, which he has played in the past. Frank goes undercover to find out more. “unfiltered”Take a look at the city. “They visit police precincts, shelters, and bars to get firsthand knowledge of what it’s really like out there,”Wade spoke of the storyline in “A Storyline for a Hero” TV Insider interview.

Eddie (Vanessa Ray), Jamie and Will Estes run into Danny (Marissa Ramirez), while they investigate a domestic abuse case. Jack (Hermann), Erin’s ex-husband, appears to help her run for District Attorney. “She understands the police’s frustration… but she knows she’ll have to thread the needle,” Moynahan told TV Insider. The new episode will air Friday, Oct. 7, at 10:10 p.m. ET, and will also be streamable on Paramount+.

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