Simon Cowell Allegedly ‘Forced’To propose to your fiancee, keep career-ending scandal under wraps, latest gossip


It is Simon Cowell trapped? One report claims that his fiancee Lauren Silverman made him propose to his girlfriend under the threat of his career being destroyed. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Forced To Marry!’

The cover of TouchSimon Cowell reveals “hiding a secret from his past.”After a long and successful relationship, Cowell proposed to Silverman. A source says, “She pushed the idea of marriage once again, and Simon was not happy.”The total 180 is something that has puzzled many people. But an insider tells us why. “He has a very dark secret in his past — and Lauren knows what it is… if the secret got out, it would ruin him, so he can’t risk losing her.”

Only folks in Cowell’s inner circle are aware of his terrible secret. “There are also rumors that in his vault, Simon has damaging photos relating to the matter,”An insider claims. Silverman apparently doesn’t mind the secret since she’s just happy to get a ring. According to a source, Cowell doesn’t enjoy Silverman enough to marry her. “It all comes back to his big secret. Marrying Lauren assures him it will stay secret.”

What’s The Secret?

This story is split into two halves: promising a career-altering secret and recapping some drama from Silverman’s early days. Silverman divorced her first husband in order to marry Cowell. The two were involved for many years. This is all public knowledge and it hasn’t impacted Cowell’s career even slightly.

The rest of the story is more like a retelling. SimpsonsBit more than real life. If this so-called insider knows just how damaging the secret could be, then why doesn’t In TouchWhat if the secret is revealed? Wouldn’t it relish the opportunity to break a major story? Instead, it’s all one enormous bait-and-switch. The tabloid promises something, but it delivers nothing.

Simon Cowell rep denies the story. PeopleReports from… a much more trusted outlet than the one in question. Cowell and Silverman have fallen in love. A source says, “They’ve been together a long time now and adore each other so it’s not a huge surprise to their close friends.” Seventeen years is a long time to date before marriage, but COVID-19 and Cowell’s accident could easily have changed some minds.

Other Trapped Stories

TouchThe story of men being trapped in the arms of women is a favorite narrative. These stories are all sexist because the women are always portrayed as power-hungry and conniving. Gossip CopLiterally, it just debunked its story on Olivia Munn trapping John Mullaney with a child.

We’ve busted similar stories about Tom Hanks’ marriage to Rita Wilson, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, and of course, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. While each story has its own details, all three tell of a man who was forced to marry his partner because of their clever partners. It’s regressive and bogus. Cowell is engaged to Silverman because he loves him, and not because she has dirt.

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