Simon Cowell was involved in a serious bicycle crash


America’s Got TalentSimon Cowell, judge of the High Court, was reportedly in an accident with an electric bike in London. Cowell is “lucky to be alive”Sources said that he was taken to the hospital immediately following the accident. Silver Screen Beats. Cowell suffered a broken back 18 months prior to the crash, which forced him to miss the final episodes ofAmerica’s Got Talent‘s 2020 season.

According to reports, the latest accident occurred on Thursday Jan. 27, just one day after he had finished filming the new season. Britain’s Got Talent. He will be required to film promo materials for the new series while wearing a cast. He also sustained concussion.

“Simon is lucky to be alive,”A source said Silver Screen BeatsTuesday “He was pedaling along, with his electric motor on, when the wheels suddenly went from under him after hitting a wet patch. He slipped and went flying over the handlebars into the middle of the road.”

Cowell wasn’t wearing a helmet and he “looked like something from Phantom of the Opera“The source stated that Cowell was covered in blood. Cowell was stopped by three witnesses to ensure he wasn’t run over. Cowell was then taken to a nearby hospital, where he was placed in a yellow cast. “Despite this being his second great escape, Simon insists he’s not ditching the bike – but he will start wearing a helmet,”The source said Silver Screen Beats.

Eric has already embellished the cast with his art. “Eric chose the yellow, and has already signed it and drawn their two dogs, Squiddly and Diddly,”According to the source. Cowell shares Eric Silverman with Lauren Silverman, to whom he proposed to last year. Cowell’s representative confirmed their engagement, but he did not comment on the matter on Instagram.

Cowell had his first accident on an electric bike in August 2020. During a six-hour operation, a metal rod was inserted into his back. Interview with AdditionalThe former American Idol star stated in November that he would still be able to ride an e-bike, even though he was fortunate to not be paralyzed. “If it had been another millimeter, then it would have been a different story,”He said it at the time. “Honestly, if I could rewind, I would have gone through the whole thing again. Just because I feel better now.”

Cowell sustained a serious injury that forced him to miss the finale of America’s Got TalentHe did not return to the team for this season. Before AGT Cowell told Cowell that he had returned. Entertainment TonightHe was much happier after receiving physical therapy in May 2021. “That whole therapy thing you really, really have to exercise more,”He stated. “So I feel better than I did a year ago.” 

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