Simon Gregson: Who are you? Coronation Street star, I’m A Celebrity friend


Simon Gregson, Coronation Street actor, only entered the Welsh Castle just a few days back – and he is loving his life as one the Lords of castle

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I’m a Celeb: Adam Woodyatt, Simon Gregson introduced

Simon Gregson, Coronation Street’s celebrity star, was one of the latecomers for I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! seems to be settling well.

A few days after the start of EastEnders, the actor and EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt entered the Welsh Castle. They were both named the Lords in the castle.

Although the campmates have been treating them with special care, it’s not clear how long they will continue to do so.

Both had to participate in a trial immediately upon their arrival, but they managed to make enough money to buy food for their fellow celeb contestants.

But what was Simon doing before ITV’s show?

Early life

Simon was born October 2, 1974. He was originally named Simon Alan Gregory. When he began his acting career, he changed his name to Gregson.

Simon was a student at The Kingsway School, Stockport in 1989. He entered a casting call for ITV soap Coronation Street to be cast as the McDonald’s twins.

After Nicholas Cochrane was chosen to play Andy McDonald, the actor who played the role of the other Andy McDonald was offered the job by Cochrane. The pair had similar heights and builts.

Simon was originally credited as Simon Gregory, but he later changed his name to Gregson. Simon Gregory was already a celeb.


Simon was first seen on Coronation Street back on December 6, 1989.

Except for the September 19, 2015 announcement of a break, he’s been a regular member of the cast ever since.

He also admitted that he did not always spend his money wisely.

He told The Mirror in 2014: “Me and my mates would get dangerously drunk. We were really stupid.

“I went wild. I’d pay for everyone to stay in hotel suites. I’d go through a bottle of Scotch at 4 or 5am after the pub. I spent all of my salary on cars or going out.

“Sometimes I’d be two hours late for work. Other times I’d not be there at all. I didn’t take it seriously and I didn’t want to be there.

“I hated being known. I’m not proud of my behaviour, but getting wasted was a way of forgetting.”

Simon was written out of the soap for a year while he recovered from this.

According to Heart due to his long soap career, Simon is believed to have a net worth of around £1million.

It’s reported he earns about £150,000 a year for his role as Steve McDonald.

Personal life

Simon has been married to his wife Emma Gleave since 2010.

Emma tends to stay out of the spotlight herself however she has supported her husband Simon at a number of award events and stood alongside him on All Star Family Fortunes.

The pair have three children together, their eldest is son Alfie, 14, then they have Harry, 12 and youngest son, Henry, five.