Since his rescue 4 months ago, the ‘Most Wanted’ dog has never had one viewing.


Oakwood Dog Rescue in Hull received Epiphany, a medium-sized crossbreed in July. However, she has not had one person visit her since then. The centre is now running an appeal

Unwanted rescue dog in desperate search of a new home. He hasn’t had a single viewing in more than four months.

Epiphany, a medium-sized crossbreed, waited patiently at Oakwood Dog Rescue, Hull, East Yorkshire. She arrived 133 days ago.

According to reports, the centre has launched an appeal for help for the four-year old pooch. Grimsby Live.

Her description was: “very frightened and nervous”When she arrived in July, she was already a mother. “started to come out of her shell”.

She is now stressed from her time in kennels and she hopes to find a permanent home before Christmas.

In a post on Facebook, Oakwood said: “How has Epiphany been with us 133 days and still no viewings?

“Not only is Epiphany absolutely stunning but she has a larger than life personality and is a true bundle of fun!

“She who loves running around and playing with toys, she also enjoys a fuss once she knows you.

“She is an amazing dog with lots of potential.”

Epiphany needs an owner with a lot of time and patience to help her build up her confidence with people and certain other dogs.

The post continued: “Epiphany is too nervous for younger children so she needs a home with mature people.

“She can be selective about her doggy friends so would be best with a very calm male that will not pester her.

“She is a good companion for other dogs, and she could live with a male and 15-year-old children.”

Epiphany will need to live in a home with 6ft secure fencing and someone who can supervise her in the garden as she has been known to make escape attempts.

If you’re interested in rehoming Epiphany, or any other dogs in Oakwood’s care, visit their website.

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