Singer Joss stone wanted a natural childbirth, but things changed


Joss Stone wanted to be a natural mother since childhood. The 35-year-old singer was actually trained all her adult life to have natural births. However, when the birth of her second child didn’t progress as it should have, she put her faith in the professionals.

Stone shares two children, Cody DaLuz and Violet, with her partner. Stone and Cody DaLuz have a 21 month-old daughter, Violet, as well as a newborn son, Shackleton. Shackleton was born on October 18. Although the mother of two wanted a natural birth for both children, things didn’t go as planned. In reality, she had both babies to be born via cesarean.

30 Hours of Labor ‘Massive Amounts Of Pain’

While she was trying to naturally give birth, Stone was shared with PeopleShe was able to share her experience. “massive amounts of pain.”After a labor lasting over 30 hours, Stone was clearly in a lot of pain. However, Stone wasn’t concerned until an emergency team had to be called in to help.

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“[Shackleton’s] heartbeat was at normal rate,”Stone made the comment. “And then all of a sudden, it just slowed down, massively slowed down. I thought, ‘Oh, that’s my baby. That’s not good.’”

Stone was told by a nurse that an obstetric emergency team would respond to the situation after the scare. “She comes up to me and she goes, ‘The room is going to fill up with a lot of people. Don’t worry about it. Just stay calm.’ Then Cody looks at me and he said the same thing,”The singer was reflected.

Stone stated that the room contained about 15 nurses, doctors, and other staff members. Stone described it as a frightening experience, with everyone being present. “talking over” her before the baby’s heart rate slowed down again.

Stone shared the following: “He was coming down the birth canal, and when my uterus split, his head went into my abdomen and he went back up. They had to bring him back to breathing again.”

That’s when she went to the operating room for a C-section. She can only recall that moment and the doctor telling her to go sleep.

“…Then I woke up, I had my baby, and everything was okay,”Stone was gratefully remembered.

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The singer was clearly grateful for the nurses and doctors who quickly and safely took care of her, Shackleton and their families. “It was like having 15 angels fly into the room,”Stone made the comment.

“They were trying to make me feel comfortable. They were very nice and professional and made me feel safe.”Things are also changing. “really great”She is at home with her children. Sometimes, birthing plans change, but all that matters is that Stone’s new baby is healthy.

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